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Refurbished Agilent 6890 Gas Chromatograph

HP 6890 is a new Agilent GC, which is designed to replace its older version HP 5890 The HP 6890 Series gas chromatograph system delivers high levels of performance. The HP 6890 series GC features electronic pneumatics control of all gas pressures and flows. Onboard sensors automatically compensate for ambient temperature changes and barometric pressure differences to routinely achieve more accurate and reproducible results. By providing stable results, EPC reduces recalibration frequency and improves laboratory productivity.

GC System can include:

  • Autosampler
  • Computer with ChemStation
  • HP 6890, single injector single detector
  • HP 6890, dual injector dual detector, split/spli

Options for HP GC's

  • HPIB communications
  • Data Integrator
  • Autosampler 7673A
  • Autosampler 7673B
  • Autosampler 7673C
  • Chemstation Software with computer
  • Printer

We also carry autosampler parts like controllers, towers, sample trays and brackets. Please email, fax or call for a quotation on specific items.

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